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Executive team

We are a group of creative professionals applying innovation, storytelling, design and technology to create distinct experiences.

Lutti Colautto

Founding CEO

Lutti Colautto, CEO and Founder of, born entrepreneur with a global vision, operating for 32 years with the ability to predict the future, thus identifying market opportunities.

A true leader, always determined to go further, for him the obvious is not part of his routine, he encourages his team, generating a variety of growth opportunities and efficiently making innovations.

To him, being father is not a duty. Dedicated, he participates in his children's lives intensely, educating and setting limits; mutual learning and companionship is his strongest characteristic. Also, loving his faithful Brussels Griffon (dog), Yuri, is part of his routine at work.

A sportsman, he is always on the move riding his bike – his passion.

Incessantly seeking to do something different, he promotes magical moments!

Zé Cardoso

Creative Director

Everyone knows him as Zé, not José; he has over 20 years of experience in live marketing and has always been passionate about creating great stories for the brands. As he says: “Every brand experience has to start with once upon a time.”

Passion, dedication, curiosity, and willingness to learn always guide his daily life in the direction of creation and planning of

Married to Simone, he is a vegetarian and amateur street runner, loves wine, and is a dedicated first-time canine dad.

On weekends he likes to go out with his family in his 72 Beetle or 79 Passat, preferably listening to a good Chico Buarque song.

Cris Strutzel

Commercial Director

She has 30 years of professional experience in the commercial area, forming an extensive network characteristic of her communicative and authentic personality. During this period, she worked on numerous projects in the live marketing area and formed several strategic partnerships between brands.

Loaded with energy and tuned in to what happens in the market and beyond, at work, she seeks to put into practice the brilliant ideas of the professional team at the lampada agency.

Mother to a son with special needs, Thiago is her best friend and companion. They are always ready to party and let no obstacle get in their way.

Of Italian and German descent, her hobby is to be a “masterchef” inspired by family recipes.

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To be the Company sought after for its standing in the marketplace and its high level of professionalism.


In partnership with our customers, we create unique experiences.


To discover.

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