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Lives | live ideas, a live marketing agency that dominates content production for tv and digital engagement. We transform the challenges of a hybrid event, creating smart and efficient lives.


We develop projects that generate unforgettable experiences, lectures, meetings and conventions.

Product launch

We have cases in various formats, always delivering experiences aligned with your company's purpose.

Press conference

Media event with the participation of specialized advisors and influencers for media outlets in general.


Always in line with global news. We develop a custom activation for each brand.


We have mastered the techniques of brand approach and presence for different audience profiles at festivals.


Whether capturing, planning or running a fair, we have your communication solutions. From creation to implementation of the stands, all the way to the complete execution of a fair, everything is done with delivery of excellence and quality.

Proprietary projects

Conception, planning, creation, and execution of a wide variety of events for subscription and ticket sales.


With the core synergy partners specializing in commercial partnerships, develops an action plan for each event.

We have a network of potential partners able to create synergy between brands.